Object of your affections part 1/?
I makes Julian sick with jealousy to see Noel being the way he is with Chris. Fair enough they are good friends and they haven't seen eachother in a while but Julian could tell that Noel had more than a friendly reunion in mind. Once when Noel was in a sharing mood Julian had managed to get him to admit that he and Chris have had sex,more than once, so now Noels body language was making it obvious exactly what he was after. Julian wished that he could say something to him but what right did he have? after all it was him that had refused to make their relasionship public. Noel had offered to leave Dee for him and everything but Julian just couldn't hurt Julia like that; he may not love her as much as he loves Noel but he still cares about her.
Even though the dance floor was heaving with bodies Julian could still pick out the 2 beautiful,androgynous creatures that are Noel Fielding and Chris Corner. They are dancing so close that they must be able to feel the heat radiating off of eachother. They are both highly intoxicated and Julian was just waiting for the enevitable moment when they would stop dancing and head towards the door to continue their fun elsewhere.

Noel locked an arm around Chris' waist,their eyes met. They were both fucked on what ever cheap alcohol they had spent the night drinking and there was a wild look in their eyes. It had been a long time since they had had some Noel and Chris time, with Chris being busy with IAMX and Noel being busy with Boosh and his hectic social life they rarely saw eachother anymore. Back when Noel was touring with IAMX they saaw eachother all the time and their intimate moments were frequent. The both missed feeling that rush of adrenaline from being on stage and then finding eachother and going any where to have some private time, to congratulate eachother in their own special way.
Tonight the buzz of alcohol and the excitement from seeing eachother again is making them crave old times, crave the familiarity of eachothers bodies. Besides Chris was providing a welcome distraction for Noel. All he could think about was that devestating conversation he had had with Julian. He had spent weeks thinking how to approach the subject, endless planning and replanning in his mind and when he finally built up the courage to speak to Julian about it he had recieved the answer he feared: " Noel, you know i love you but i can't hurt Julia. You know how compliated it is". He had put on a brave face but went home crushed. Thank God Dee was away on tour, he didn't need to have to explain his tears. He just couldn't understand why Julian couldn't be happy with just him. Was he only good when Julian wanted him and not in the long term?. At least he knew where he stood with Chris. They were just two friends having fun. All the mind games with Julian were hurting him so tonight he was letting Chris intoxicate him with his presence so that he could momentarily forget his worries.

Chris moved his face close to Noels and his breath ghosted over his cheek, "my place?" Chris breathed. Noel simply nodded and they took eachothers hands and walked toward the exit. Noel glanced back at where he knew Julian was sitting and was met with a distant stare. He just tightened his grip on Chris' hand and carried on walking towards the door and towards escape for the night.


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